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Khris and Me*-

     thee happiest person alive
Through tha rain nd stormiest weatheR
Its foreveR

DixiesGift09: u 2 look soooo happy together
     ^^thanks KaTii3 LyNn*- Love You Girlie!*




Since 12*25*04..
-*Khris and I have be3n going out nd it has be3n theee bestest ever..  We have r3aLLy fun nd unforgetable times with each together.   He*s happy with me nd I*m happy with him!*- 
Everyday I se3 him it steals my breath for a second to know that God sent him to me to have untill God wants him back because I think he*s TrUeLy an Angel in everyway
-*I cOuLd NoTt AsK fOr MoRe*-

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